Museum History:

Six decades ago and a thousand kilometers away from the nearest seashore, in the heart of the Thar desert, five year old Alice Rustomjee got a small seashell as a birthday present from her father (Late Rustomjee C. Kaka). She had then hardly realized the significance of it all. When her father met a tragic accident and breathed his last she became even more possessive and protective of the gift. Little did she know then that one day collecting seashells would become a passion with her. Traveling alone or with her physicist husband (Krishna Garg) over the forty years, in India and abroad, she has never let any chance go by to augment her collection. The result is a large number of varied seashells from all over the world - their home was full of them and had very little space for anything else. It is at this stage that she decided that her treasure must be thrown open for others to share the thrill and enjoyment.

The result is the Alice Garg National Seashells Museum, the first and so far the only one of its kind in India, entirely dedicated to seashells. It is a humble beginning with the Museum being housed in a small house with the money that she had got with the Jamna Lal Bajaj (2003) and Neerja Bhanot (2001) awards in recognition for her work for children and women.

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