Our Mission:

To introduce children and people to the fascinating world of seashells; to stimulate and help them interpret the natural sea world through exhibits, education and research; to promote understanding of the evolution and diversity of these sea creatures; and to inspire in all a respect for nature and the environment.

Our Purpose:

  • We hope to be able to show our visitors some of the intriguing aspects of the seashell world. Our idea is to display the immense beauty and variety of form and colour that is hidden in the sea.
  • To collect and preserve scientific specimens for research and as a continuous record of the changing world for the future generations.
  • To serve as a centre for the scientific study of biological diversity and evolution;
  • To provide dynamic leadership in natural history and environmental education through exhibits, publications, and educational programmes.
  • To foster cooperative efforts in natural history research and education.

Our Vision:

The Alice Garg's National Seashells Museum will become the premier collections-based environmental education and natural history research resource in the region. We aspire to provide programmes that are timely, user-friendly, and relevant to conserving of this rich treasure of Nature today and tomorrow. We hope one day it can also contribute to the cause of conserving one of the most threatened species, the land snails.

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